Dr. Owen G. Brown, Jr.

Certified Naturopathic Specialist | Enzyme Therapy Specialist | Martial Arts and Movement Specialist | Massage Therapist

Dr. Owen Brown, Jr. is asking the right questions to get you the right answers.  Born in London, England and raised in New York City, Dr. Brown's health journey came from a desire to avoid the diseases that had ravaged his family on both sides for generations. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and other diseases seemed a foregone conclusion.  Serving in the Armed Forces as a Combat Medic for 8 years taught Dr. Brown to triage and make quick decisions that would get a soldier back into the fight and to think outside the box when facing stressful situations.

After spending many years as both a voice teacher, vocal coach and performer, Dr. Brown noticed how many singers were getting sick. There was an absolute need and niche for something that could help them combat illness, vocal fatigue, and injury.


After years of research, testing, and trial and error, Dr. Brown created the SMT "Save My Throat" formula. His invention would later save his voice and the voices of many others. He invented the formula after receiving a serious vocal injuring himself by swallowing a piece of broken glass that was in a glass of water while on the road. "That was the reason I invented it. Nothing existed that was getting my voice back and there was nothing out there that would actually fix my voice".  He quickly discovered that Western medicine wasn't the answer and kept looking for other options.


Now the voice doctor, the voice teacher, and naturopath had to find his own answers... and he did. With a 100% success rate, the "Save My Throat"  herbal formula, brewed and combined through a process, literally repairs voices.

Dr. Brown learned enough to reverse the disease process in his own body and has been actively doing the same for others.  Besides his work in nutrition, lifestyle management, and fitness, he is an professional musician, a Martial Artist and has an active interest in the environment.